i photograph and document your best moments with spontaneity and Authenticity.

everyone is a story: let's tell yours.

As far as I can remember, I've always been "the girl behind the camera". I'm also an architect, which affects enormously the way I see the world. And the way I photograph it. I live in Vicenza, in northern Italy, but I absolutely love to travel and I'm always ready for new adventures.

I like to document life with a natural, relaxed style. I aim to disappear in the crowd and capture moments, smiles and emotions. That's my secret sauce, they say. I want you to enjoy your day, have fun, party with your friends and family and never worry about anything else. I'm going to take care of you at my very best. Take a look at my gallery and you'll see. 

If you have any question or thing that you wanna know, just drop me a letter

Now it's your turn to tell a story. Come on! I LOVE great stories.